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About Our Team

men working the air duct

When we established our business, approximately 20-years ago, we didn't think that we would still be receiving as much business as we did when we first opened. We are happy to say that we receive more business now more than ever. We can only attribute this to the amazing team of experienced cleaners that we rely on. It seems that our efforts to find the most experienced and professional air duct cleaners are still paying off for us today. With our help, we keep families safe and help them breathe clean air while inside their homes. This is important to us, which is why we established Wilmington Air Duct Cleaners. We realized that many people were sick, and didn't understand why. Now, thanks to our cleaning service, they are no longer as sick as they used to be.

We understand that this is not at the top of some people's list of to-do. However, if someone is suffering from upper-respiratory issues, it is certainly at the top of their list of things-to-do; keeping their air ducts clean. We have invested in the necessary tools and equipment needed to perform a thorough job of cleaning your air ducts, vent dryers, and more. While we are not the cheapest air duct cleaning company in Wilmington, NC, we certainly are not the most expensive. We always take your budget into consideration, which is how we can service the needs of so many in the Wilmington area at Wilmington Air Duct Cleaners.

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